37 Catalogue: 2004, Zona Ediciones, tel: 571.235.4136. Design: Diego Amaral Ceballos Photography: Fabián Alzate (complete works and portrait) and Diego Amaral Ceballos (details). Prepress and Production: Zona Ltda.; tel: 571.235.4005. zonagrafica@cable.net.co Printed in Colombia Installation design: Andrea Amaral Ceballos Video: The House of My Imagination © Gabriel Ossa & Olga de Amaral The artist, the Colombian Embassy in Washington D.C and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia wish to acknowledge the generous patronage of Bob and Charlotte Kornstein of Bellas Artes Gallery, Santa Fe, New México in the production of this catalogue and the organization of the exhibition. Outside covers: Stellae (details) · Inside covers and title page: Glyphs (details) · Above: Alforjas (detail)